RO antiscalant(Reverse Osmosis Plant Antiscalant)

KT-RO constitute of products which effectively controls scale in reverse osmosis plant. RO membranes are use to deposition of various scales that can reduce the filtration efficiency of the membrane and lead to costly failures or downtime for offline cleaning. KT-RO antiscalent are fed to the RO feed water and react with the constituents in the water to prevent scaling of the membranes. Kwantum RO Antiscalent contain high quality polymers one of which is Polymaleic acid it is also kept in mind that the raw water may contain silica and hence AMPS based polymer is also used in this Antiscalent. It is formulation made especially for RO plants where membrane is delicious and should withstand the chemical reaction we have kept in mind that raw water which being used forRO plant.

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