Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Available with customisation

Many of the organisations avoid using cooling water treatment chemicals. For reduction of cost. However this affects the cooling towers adversely by reducing the overall life of cooling tower. As regards costs, it is being observed that companies not using cooling water treatment chemicals end up with paying more costs for maintenance of cooling towers/ heat exchangers/ condensers/ Jackets of various reactors. Hence, conversely cooling water treatment chemicals are very important to improve the life of the cooling tower and play a vital role to reduce the overall cost of maintenance.


  • Improves heat transfer in heat exchangers / condensers / Jackets of various reactors
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Cost effective as it increases productivity

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Category Benefit
Antiscalent with Formulation Presence of polymer, keeps the salts formed in the process of chilation, in colloidal stage, maintains pH of the cooling tower at desire level.
For the viscous compounds it works as dispersing agent and do not allow to thicken the mass.
.Anticorrosive Highly effective as an anticorrosive agent, Prevents corrosion of inner parts of the vessel due to high TDS of water
Keeps the system clean and avoids re-deposition at low velocity area, Useful for copper coils and copper condenser which are very sensitive to corrosion.
Biocide It works as biocide for water treatment it acts against fungi, all bacteria in water.It is very effective and is highly recommended for cooling water treatment.
Biodispersant Biodispersant chemical compound added to the water inside cooling tower system, to penetrate and break down any biofilm that may be present on the wetted surfaces of the cooling tower systems. Biodispersant chemicals that can penetrate and loosen the complex matrix of biofilms allow biocides to reach the organisms for more effective kill and control.