Basic Polymers

With the help of plenty of experience of our promoterWe are engaged into the manufacturing of other basic polymers also that are useful for various industrial purpose. We are manufacturing quality products which are well accepted by various industries. Although we are well established in our process & products we are always keen to improve the same by testing it in our lab and carry research & development on the same to serve better to our customers. These polymers are customised and manufactured according to the different and specific needs of our customers to best suit to their requirements.

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Category Application
Polymaelic Acid It is a highly effective dispersant and scale inhibitor in cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, reverse osmosis systems and many other scale control applications such as in textile dyeing, water injection systems in oil fields and sugar mill evaporators.
Terpolymer HPA based This product is used for dipersion and antiscalant specially used in sugar industry
Terpolymer AMPS based This product is used for dipersion and antiscalant specially used in industry where high temp and used as antiscalant where water content silica
Co-Polymer This is a versatile acrylic-maleic polymer. It combines high dispersion properties with good Ca chelating, thermal and hydrolytic stability and, stability to oxidizing and reducing agents.
Homopolymer This product is used as high dispersing agent it is having 300 sequestering value
Homopolymer with SHP This is a versatile low molecular weight acrylic homo polymer. Its strong dispersion properties, high hardness chelating value, iron binding capacity and threshold effect provide benefits in industrial water treatment, mineral grinding and detergents.
Cationic Polyelectrolyte In waste water treatment Formulations: This is a cationic polymer widely used as settling agent in wastewater treatment and is easily biodegradable. 1. Excellent coagulator and widely used in the sugar and various types of chemical industries
Ceramic Granding aid This is used as grinding aid and powerful deflocculating agent in ceramic processing.This polymeric dispersant is used to increase solid slip and reduce viscosity in clay and other dispersions. It is used as grinding aid, dispersing and deflocculating aid for clays, ceramics & electro ceramics, ferrites, refractory's.
Dye dispersant for textile This is very good dispersing agent used in textile it prevents back staining and disperse the dyes uniformly to the cloth. It also work as mud settler and prevent mud to redeposit on the cloth